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Accelerated RN to NP programs in Nursing is a streamlined pathway from RN to NP. After earning an RN degree, students can transfer to an accredited graduate program for a master’s degree in nursing. Coursework includes BSN equivalent bridge courses and MSN core courses in advanced practice in nursing, path physiology, quality improvement and informatics etc. This post explains Online RN to NP Programs, RN to MSN NP Online programs and course details and requirements of nursing programs like Associate RN to NP to NP Programs online.

Benefits of Accelerated RN to NP Programs in Nursing

In addition to coursework, accelerated RN to NP programs in nursing may include national certifications. Accelerated RN – NP programs are best for Registered nurses interested in advancing their training and pursuing a degree in advanced practice nursing to gain more responsibility and independence in patient care. RNs may also be concerned about the time commitment, so accelerated RN to NP programs may be the answer.

Accelerated RN to Nurse Practioner programs can also be a great option for RNs with an ADN who wish to advance in their career. These programs require one to two years to complete. Students typically complete one year of BSN-equivalent courses before they graduate, and the rest of their coursework is focused on the MSN and NP. The accelerated RN to NP programs is not intended to replace the traditional MSN program. Instead, they provide students with the necessary skills and expertise to care for patients throughout their lifetime.

Accelerated RN to NP Programs Online

In addition to the RN to NP programs, some Universities also provide the RN to MSN NP Online programs and Associate RN to Nurse Practioner online programs. Many nursing programs are also designed for those with a bachelor’s degree in another field. For example, accelerated RN to NP programs offered by Northern Arizona University allows RNs to enter primary care without a BSN. The online format allows working nurses to complete clinical courses in the comfort of their own homes, which is an added benefit.

NCLEX – RN Passing Percentage 

Accredited RN to NP programs has a high pass rate on the NCLEX-RN certification exam. Accreditation helps assure employers and future employers that the training programs meet the requirements of nurse practitioner courses. Furthermore, employers are more likely to hire graduates of accredited programs than those who completed unaccredited programs. Further, federal financial aid is usually only available to accredited programs. Furthermore, accredited programs are more likely to have better alum networks.

Some accelerated Online RN to NP programs and RN to MSN NP online programs are designed for students with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field and substantial health care experience. The program provides students with the foundation and training necessary for a master’s degree in nursing while also enabling them to enter a nationally recognized nursing specialty within 12 months.


The Accelerated RN-to Nurse Practitioner courses mentioned below are perfect for Registered Nurses who have a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field and want to become nurse practitioners.

1.Ball State University- Muncie, IN (RN to NP Online)

Are you a Registered Nurse with a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline and determined to make an impact on the lives of others by advancing your practice? If you are looking for an approved nurse practitioner program, you should check the details of the RN to NP online program offered by Ball State University.

It offers one of the most sought-after online accelerated online RN to nurse practice programs across the country. With this program, you will be able to obtain certification and practice as an NP. Since it is an easy online program, you’ll be able to save time and money. It is important to know that once you graduate, you will greatly improve your earnings and increase your earning potential. You’ll be able to be a self-employed nurse practitioner in all the states that permit NPs to treat patients under the direction of a doctor.

RN to NP Online Program Requirements at Ball State University

To qualify for the program, you must possess a valid nursing license in the state where you want to practice and an ADN or diploma from a nursing school. In addition, you need to hold a degree in a non-nursing discipline. Since you don’t possess a BSN, The program initially requires you to take all BSN equivalent courses, following which you will finish all MSN along with FNP courses, which are worth 47 credits. Graduate-level courses consist of core nursing, research core and FNP-specific courses. After graduation, you will earn an MSN and are eligible to sit for the FNP certification test.

2. Marquette University- Milwaukee, WI (RN to Nurse Practioner Program)

To become an NP, you need to earn your MSN degree. The ideal starting point would be a bachelor’s degree in nursing. However, as an RN contemplating what options are available for a bachelor’s degree that is not a nursing one, you need to know about the accelerated RN to NP programs provided through Marquette University. You can apply on any 5 NP tracks without a BSN. All you require is an existing RN license, an ADN, and an unrelated bachelor’s degree. The program is designed specifically for nurses working full-time and offers the possibility of full-time or part-time schedules.

The college provides accelerated RN-to NP programs in acute care for adults and gerontology, adult/gerontology primary care for pediatrics, and acute care for pediatrics. You can also pursue the dual specialty track that covers the primary and acute treatment of children and infants. No matter which option you select, the program will first take you through 12 credit undergraduate courses covering the fundamentals of nursing practice, health care for the community and health for the population, and the quality and safety of patients in the field of healthcare. While single tracks require 42 credits in graduate school, should you opt for a dual specialty, you’ll need to finish around 51 credits to earn the MSN-NP degree in three years.

3. East Tennessee State University – Johnson City, (RN to MSN NP Online Programs

If you’re an RN hoping for an NP education, but hold an undergraduate degree in a non-nursing field, then enrolment in the East Tennessee State University’s NP program could be the right decision. From the moment you are a registered nurses, you could become an NP in psychiatric mental health or provide advanced care in the field of family health. No matter what track you choose, the program’s online structure is best suited to integrate easily into your busy lifestyle. The college is proud of offering exceptional inter professional education and boasts of its students’ outstanding performance on the NP certification tests

RN to MSN NP Online Programs Eligibility Criteria

rn to msn np online programsTo enroll in this nursing-to-NP program, no matter the NP-specific course, applicants must possess at least an ADN with an active RN license and an undergraduate or BS degree in another field. Before beginning graduate-level classes, you must have completed 12 credits of bridge course, which covers research and health promotion as well as leadership, progressing into professional practice, as well as population, community and community health nurses. The RN to MSN NP Online Programs will require 51 credits and more than 540 hours of practice, following which you’ll be able to take the exam to become certified in the specific area of focus you choose to study.

4. Lewis University- Romeoville (Campus & Online Programs)

If you’re passionate about caring for older adults or taking care of the healthcare requirements of people suffering from mental or physical ailments, the accelerated RN to Nurse Practitioner program offered by Lewis University may be the right option. This course will help you advance the next step in your RN profession to the NP level, even if you have a non-nursing bachelor’s degree. At Lewis, In addition to the competitive tuition fees, the school also offers a variety of options for financial aid. If you’re eligible, you may be able to avail the Employer Tuition Assistance program, scholarships or a discount price via The Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders.

RN to NP Program Requirements

To be eligible for one or both of the NP tracks, you must hold an ADN with at least a total GPA of 3.0. Additionally, in addition to being licensed as a nurse, you need to be able to prove that you have a bachelor’s degree in non-nurse from an accredited college. The program requires that you complete bridge courses with a minimum of B. The courses cover statistical concepts, the nursing profession, research-based practice and the promotion of healthy communities. The core courses common to all NP tracks are applied biostatistics and healthcare organizations and systems & policies, population health, and healthcare informatics. While the mental health track for psychiatric patients is accessible online, the other NP tracks such as AGACNP, AGPCNP and FNP are available in person.

5. Bradley University – Peoria (Online Programs)

This course is ideal for you as an RN who is determined to grow your career but thinking about whether you can leap to NP with a bachelor’s degree that is not nursing. At Bradley, although you’ll never be on campus, the staff is well-trained to provide an experience personalized to your needs. They bring their vast professional experiences online as experts in their field.

Bradley University Course Requirements
To be considered in this accelerated program, you need an approved ADN, a non-bachelors-level nursing degree, and an unencumbered RN license. Students typically complete the 59-credit course within 3.3 years. The remaining nine credits are needed to complete the bridge course. The bridge or BSN equivalent courses will teach you the principles associated with professional nurses, nursing research, and community health nursing theory. The MSN-FNP curriculum covers key theories in modern path physiology, analysis and development, evidence-based practices, advanced health assessment, health informatics and healthcare policies, pharmacology, and primary care for chronic and acute diseases. Once you have completed the program, you can explore jobs at urgent health centers, healthcare departments and private primary care practices.


6. Monmouth University – West Long Branch (RN to NP Online & Campus Program)

The accelerated RN-to-NP courses at Monmouth University can be a blessing for registered nurses who hold completed a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing discipline and wish to complete their NP education quickly. The college’s welcoming environment and smaller classes have proven efficient in providing an individual learning experience. With the nurse’s job in mind, it offers classes in either the hybrid or online format, with three nurse tracks that you can select from an FNP, AGPCNP or PMHNP focus, based on your interests. Whatever track you choose, the college’s experience in the real world through its hundreds of clinical partners helps you prepare for the many challenges you will face in this profession. Additionally, with a high passing rate on the certification test, the college is dedicated to the achievement of NP students.

 RN-to-Nurse Practitioner Courses Requirement at Monmouth University

rn to nurse practitioner

These accelerated RN-top courses require at least an active RN license and an undergraduate degree that is not nursing-related. Each track will prepare you for independent nursing practice professionalism, leadership, and leadership. The FNP track teaches about the care of individuals and families throughout life, and the AGPCNP track is for students interested in caring for older people. In contrast, the PMHNP prepares you for the full-time treatment of patients with mental illness. The graduation requirements include 42 credits, comprising 12 credits of MSN core as well as 16 credits of APN concentration and 14 credits of specific courses for specialties. Since you’re entering this program without having a BSN before taking these graduate courses, you will need to take nine credits in bridge courses.

7. University of Michigan-Flint (RN to NP Online)

As an RN looking to advance your nursing career but hold a bachelor’s degree in a field other than nursing or field, the University of Michigan-Flint’s programs for accelerated RNs-to-NPs can save your career. With two options and four online RN to Nurse Practitioner programs, you can be an NP prepared at the doctoral or master’s levels. The University of Michigan offers access to extensive resources on three campuses: Dearborn, Ann, and Arbor. In addition to having an online course and the possibility of choosing between full-time or part-time classes is a popular option.

Michigan-Flint’s  Requirements for RN to NP Online

One of the most effective programs that accelerates RN-to-NP across the country, you have the option for an FNP AACNP, AGNP, or PMHNP by pursuing an MSN or DNP route, depending on your career objectives. In order to be eligible in one of these tracks, you need to possess an associate degree in nursing or a current RN license, as well as a bachelor’s degree that is not nursing-related. The courses you first need to complete are intermediaries connecting the ADN and graduate-level classes. Suppose you choose to go with the MSN route and take it. In that case, you will not only have the opportunity to start your NP career in between two and three years, but you will also establish a solid base for a doctorate in nursing should you wish to improve the knowledge of your nurse practitioner in your preferred area of focus.

8.Ohio State University – Columbus, RN TO Nurse Practioner Program

If you are a registered nurse, you are aware of this profession’s possibilities regarding opportunities and satisfaction. If you’ve already completed your undergraduate education in a non-nursing discipline and are interested in one of the most prestigious Accelerated RN-to NP programs. In that case, this RN to NP online program offered by the Ohio State Univerity could be the right choice for you.

This course will help you move to the nurse practitioner position in a few months. The Ohio State University’s NP programs are designed for nurses like you, who, despite possessing a non-nursing bachelor’s degree, have decided to pursue nursing as a profession and are eager to progress.

In this program, the education is based on evidence-based information and is the outcome of the collaboration efforts between faculty, teaching hospitals and preceptors from the community. The college offers accelerated RN to NP programs in psychiatric and family mental health and neonatal health. Hence, you get the freedom to choose a pathway program that suits your needs.

Aside from providing seamless paths to the Nurse practitioner degree, these accelerated programs can also be useful for nurses looking for benefits of the ease and convenience offered by online courses. No matter which program they want to join, since they are not finished with their BSN, they will need to finish their BSN equivalent bridge courses before beginning their graduate course. The graduate program begins with the MSN fundamentals in path physiology. They also cover the role of innovation leading in nursing education concepts in the field of advanced nursing practice, quality improvement, informatics, health promotion and prevention. Whatever course you select, after two years of your program, you’ll be able to sit for the certification exam within the population you have chosen to focus on.

9. University of Texas at Austin – Austin, TX (Campus Program)

If you’re an RN with a bachelor’s degree in non-nursing, you might be wondering whether you can achieve the same degree of clinical proficiency that those who enrol in an NP program with the BSN. You can, indeed! Through the accelerated RN-NP programs offered through the University of Texas at Austin and UT Austin, you will be able to attain the same amount of skills and knowledge based on research as someone who begins with the NP program with a bachelor’s in nursing. In this case, you will acquire specialized knowledge in treating families, infants and children, or those with mental illness based on where you’re drawn. The speedy format for all 3 NP tracks is available on campus and is intended for RNs with a bachelor’s degree from other disciplines.

No matter which NP course you select, the course begins once a year in the autumn. Once you have completed the one-year course BSN comparable courses, you’ll need to be spending approximately 1.5 two years finishing both the MSN and NP courses. As you already have an undergraduate degree in another field, this program will not confer a BSN. The curriculum is built on the nursing science’s professional foundations, systematic methods of inquiry, and abilities in advanced specialized nursing practice.

10. Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi, (RN to NP Bridge Program Online)

Have you ever thought that, as a nurse, you could immediately move into an NP job with an unrelated bachelor’s degree? You can certainly pursue the career path of a registered nurse direct to advanced levels of practice when you sign up for one of the top Accelerated RN-to NP programs and finish with outstanding NP capabilities in a relatively short period.

RN to NP bridge Program Requirements of Texas A & M University

To be considered for RN to NP bridge program, the applicant must complete 58 hours of general education or other support courses. Once the applicant is accepted into this program, they must complete the undergraduate course in the initial (or bridge) year. The required 19 credits of bridge courses will teach them about assessments of health, care giving clinical research and leadership. After that, they enrol in the MSN fundamental and FNP courses, which total 49 credits. Through graduate-level classes, they will understand studies, research methodologies, policies on health and cultural diversity of cultures, advanced pharmacological theories, assessments of health and wellness and management of chronic and acute diseases.

12. Northern Arizona University- Flagstaff, AZ (Online Program)

As an RN with a bachelor’s degree in non-nursing fields, have you found your passion in the field of advanced primary healthcare? If so, enrolling on one of these most prestigious online accelerated RN-to NP programs could be your best choice. In the program at Northern Arizona University, you can bypass the BSN and begin your profession as an RN to become certified as a physician for families. The program is available through a convenient online course and allows students to complete their higher education without putting on their current job.

When you graduate from this program, you will improve your capabilities in clinical practice, communication critically, reasoning and leadership. The program teaches you about the theory of foundations, applied path physiology, the fundamentals of evidence-based practices and pharmacology, rural theory and health policy, as well as health systems and the primary care of families throughout the life span.

For More Details Viist Northern Arizona University

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