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Best LPN to RN Transition Program (Fast Track Programs)


Are you looking for the best LPN to RN transition program in the USA? To join LPN to RN classes, LPN nurses must meet certain criteria. Look for LPN to RN transition programs that offer what you are looking for in your education and future career. This section will explore the criteria for the best programs, along with the top LPN to RN fast-track programs.

Overview of LPN to RN Transition Programs

To transition from an LPN to an RN, you need an LPN to RN program with an overview of these programs, requirements that need to be met, and the advantages of entering one of these programs. This section will provide a broad understanding of the LPN to RN transition program and help you make an informed decision.

Online LPN to RN Transition Programs offers an opportunity for those in the healthcare industry to grow professionally and become valuable members of the team caring for their communities. With the expansion of online universities, finding courses is easy.

LPN to RN transition programs bridge Licensed Practical Nurses towards registered nursing. They offer advanced courses in patient care, nursing research, healthcare administration, and leadership. These programs focus on developing clinical judgment and critical thinking.

Classroom and hands-on clinical practice provide real-life experience
Only LPNs with prior nursing experience can join for RN bridge program. Always research which school or college of nursing have this program and check their accreditation. Fast track program prepares students to become successful RNs ready for the job quickly. You can search for scholarships and state resources to help.

Criteria for the LPN –RN Transition Programs

Do you want to upgrade your nursing game to become a registered nurse? Here are the top criteria for the best LPN to RN transition programs

  1.   Accreditation
  2.   Program length
  3.   Curriculum flexibility
  4.   Clinical experiences offered
  5.   NCLEX-RN pass rates.

Apart from these, look for financial aid packages, intense preceptorship or externship offerings, and top-notch student support services. Consider all these factors when selecting a nursing school that offers LPN to RN Transition program on a fast track mode.

Top LPN to RN Transition Programs

LPN to RN Transition Programs is highly sought after in the USA! They provide fast-track LPN to RN transition Programs. These programs cover nursing theory and clinical practice. Top LPN to RN Transition Programs in the USA include Excelsior College, Kaplan University, Rasmussen College, Chamberlain University, and Ohio University. Each school has a unique approach, with intensive classroom instruction, hands-on clinical training, and flexible scheduling. Some programs even offer online or hybrid classes.

Before deciding on a fast track RN program, consider cost, financial aid, accreditation, and program outcomes (such as NCLEX-RN pass rates). Doing this research will help you make an informed decision and achieve your professional nursing goals!

Online LPN to RN Fast Track Programs

To transition from an LPN to an RN, you need flexibility to balance your career, school, and personal life. Online LPN to RN programs with benefits like self-paced learning and cost-effective tuition can be a solution. Accredited online programs with well-rounded curricula will help you find a suitable, flexible RN career.

Benefits of Online Fast Track Programs

LPN to RN online Program has many benefits for career-driven nurses. Flexibility, affordability, and resource access are just a few of its perks.

These programs provide the perfect opportunity to study without compromising for those with existing employment or family commitments. Don’t miss out! Get started with any best online programs today and prepare to rock your RN career. You don’t have to worry about non-accredited courses – you can stay safely at home.

Accredited Online Fast Track Programs
Nursing pre-grads can pursue Online LPN to RN Fast Programs. These accreditations give the needed education and abilities for professional nursing. The curriculum covers the healthcare system and provides Licensed Practical Nurses with a chance to gain practical experience through placements in various healthcare settings.

These online transition programs let RN aspirants upgrade their qualifications while keeping their jobs. They learn patient management, critical thinking, managerial abilities, and leadership qualities.

LPNs become RNs, gaining autonomy over patients’ care decisions. Tasks that were previously out of scope may become part of their new workload with the organized supervision of a registered nurse.


Gaining admission to an LPN to RN transition program requires satisfying certain criteria. Four key points to consider are:

  • Holding a current US LPN License
  • Completing at least 6 months of experience in the past year
  • Submission of all Transcripts
  • Meeting specific GPA requirements -depending on the institution

It is important to be aware that each institution has different requirements. They may also have prerequisite courses that must be completed. Some programs allow part-time and online options, while others require attending on-campus lectures, labs, and clinical.

Data from Nurse Journal indicates that the number of LPNs with Associate’s Degrees has increased by over 70% in the last decade. LPNs, upgrade your career and gain the ability to move to the next level in your nursing career.


Online Bridge Program has many advantages! Here are some key perks:

  • More job opportunities & higher salaries.
  • Skill enhancement to help patients in various healthcare settings.
  • More decision-making authority & independence.
  • A bridge to higher education, like a BSN or Master’s.
  • Greater job satisfaction.

Most transition programs share similar curriculums. This makes transferring credits/credentials between schools or states easier. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states Registered Nurses have one of the fastest-growing occupations nationally and locally.


Step 1- Earn an Associate or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.
If you are working as an LPN, you might qualify to join the LPN RN nursing program and earn for ADN or BSN degree (Bachelor of Science in Nursing)
Step 2. Clear the NCLEX-RN Exam
Step 3. Apply for RN Licensure

How Much Do An RN and LPN Make in the USA?
According to Salary.com, three is a huge difference between the salary of an RN and an LPN in the USA. The average annual salary of an RN in the USA is $75,854, and that of an LPN is $56,550.


Mount Aloysius College www.mtaloy.edu/
Blinn College http://www.blinn.edu/
Eastern Kentucky University https://www.eku.edu/
Southwestern Oklahoma State University https://www.swosu.edu/
Pennsylvania College of Technology https://www.pct.edu/
St. John’s College – Department of Nursing https://www.siumed.edu/nursing
Kent State University at Kent https://www.kent.edu/
West Virginia University at Parkersburg https://kc.edu/
Kettering College https://kc.edu/
Davenport University https://www.davenport.edu/

Always check the website of the nursing school for accurate information and enroll in LPN -to RN programs that offer accredited online LPN to RN or campus-based programs or any LPN to RN bridge program.


While joining any LPN RN Transition or Bridge programs or Fast Track LPN RN programs, always use the program accreditation below.


Q: What is an LPN-to-RN Transition Program?
A: An LPN-to-RN Transition Program is designed for LPNs who want to become registered nurses (RN Licensure) quickly.

Q: What is the USA’s best LPN to RN Fast Track program?
A: Some of the best LPN to RN fast-track programs in the USA include Excelsior College, Indiana State University, and the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Q: Can LPN to RN fast track Programs be completed online?
A: The Accelerated LPN to RN program can be completed online, allowing students to work on their education while still maintaining their work and family responsibilities.

Q: How long does completing an LPN to RN fast-track program take?
A: Most LPN to RN programs takes only 6-24 months. Short-duration programs allow licensed practical nurses to earn an RN degree quickly. Check 6 Months online LPN-RN program.

Q: What are the requirements for LPN to RN Transition programs ?
A: Typical LPN to RN program requires proof of LPN licensure, a certain GPA, prerequisite coursework, and passing an entrance exam such as the TEAS or HESI.

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