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Nursing Continuing Education Texas Nurse CEU Requirements


The requirements for nursing continuing education Texas for nurses in vary depending on the type of license held. For example, RNs and APRNs must complete 20 hours of CE every two years, while LVNs must complete 12 hours. The Board accepts CE from various sources, including online courses, conferences, and workshops. In addition, nurses can get CE credit for authoring articles or presenting at conferences. This post is about Texas Nurse CEU requirements, Texas RN CEU requirements, RN Renewal CEU requirements, LVN CEU and Texas APRN CEU requirements.

What are the CEU Requirements for Nurses in Texas?

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) requires licensed nurses to complete continuing education units (CEUs) to renew their licenses. The number of CEUs required varies depending on the license type and expiration date. For example, an RN with an active license on the odd renewal cycle must complete 20 contact hours, or two CEUs, every two years. An RN on the even renewal cycle must complete 40 contact hours or four CEUs. 

An LVN must complete 12 contact hours or one CEU every year, regardless of the license expiration date. The BON accepts a variety of different types of CE activities, including attending conferences, taking courses, and completing online modules. Nurses can typically find activities that fit their schedules and interests.  

What activities can be used to fulfill the CE requirements?
A variety of activities can be used to satisfy the nursing continuing education in Texas. These include, but are not limited to: attending conferences, taking classes, participating in research studies, and publishing articles. 

Some ways to get CE credits are more traditional, such as taking a class or attending a conference related to nursing. These can be either in-person or online courses/events. In-person events have the advantage of networking opportunities with other nurses, while online courses may offer more flexibility in schedule. 

Another way to get CE credits is through research studies. This could involve anything from helping to develop new nursing products to conducting surveys on patient satisfaction levels. Publishing articles related to nursing is another activity that can fulfill Texas Nurse CEU requirements

Where can I find information on approved CE activities? 

Nursing Continuing Education Texas

The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) website provides a list of approved continuing education (CE) activities. You can find the list by clicking on the “Continuing Education” link under the “For Nurses” section of the BON website. The list includes information on CE activities that have been approved by the BON, as well as those that have been approved by other organizations that the BON recognizes.

If you’re looking for more information about nursing continuing education Texas or a particular CE activity and, you can contact the organization that is sponsoring the activity. Most of the organizations on the BON’s list have contact information listed next to their name. It’s important to note that not all CE activities are created equal. Some may be more beneficial to your professional development than others. 

How do I submit proof of completion of CE activities? 

Once you have completed your continuing education (CE) activities, you will need to submit proof of completion in order to renew your nursing license in Texas. There are a few different ways that you can do this.

  • If you completed your CE activities through an approved provider, they would typically submit proof of completion on your behalf. All you will need to do is make sure that the provider has your current license information on file.
  • You can also submit proof of completion by logging into the Texas Board of Nursing website and uploading your documentation. Be sure to keep a copy of everything for your records.
  • Lastly, if you have any questions or problems with submitting proof of completion, you can always contact the Texas Board of Nursing directly for assistance. 

The application requires current documentation such as CPR certificate, NRP certificate, and proof of graduation from approved schools

You may request additional information including applications, exam dates and locations by using the “Request Information” button when paying online. You must take a CORE Nursing Examination that consists of 4 components: HIV/AIDS Awareness and Education, Adult Health and Wellness, Pediatric Health and Wellness, Maternal and Child Health.

Texas Nurse CEU Requirements for RN, LVN, Nurse Practioners & APRN

1.Texas RN Renewal CEU Requirements

Texas RN renewal CEU Requirements is the completion of 20 hours of continuous nursing training (CNE) within the nurse’s practice area during the license period. Or prove the achievement or renewal of national nursing certification in the practicing area of the nurse during the licensing period. Prove the accomplishment, maintenance, or renewal of an approved Board nationally recognized nursing license within the nursing field of practice during the license period.

 RN Renewal CEU Requirements Texas
  • Nurses who work in an emergency department must complete at minimum two hours connected to forensic Evidence collection for sexual assault victims.
  • At a minimum, 2 hours must be connected to Geriatrics.
  • A minimum of two hours must be devoted to nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics each third renewal period.
2.LVN CEU Requirements Texas
  • All Texas LVNs must be completed a minimum of 20 hours of continuous education (CEU) to renew their LVN license.
  • Nurses in an emergency department setting must complete at least two hours of forensic Evidence collection for sexual assault Victims.
  • At a minimum, two hours must be connected to a Geriatrics study.
  • At a minimum, two hours should be focused on nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics at least every third renewal period.
3.CE Requirements for Nurse Practitioners in Texas
  • All Texas NPS must submit proof of completing a minimum of 20 hours of Continuous education.
  • Nurse Practitioners who work in an emergency room must complete a minimum of two hours of forensic Evidence collection for sexual assault Victims.
  • At a minimum, 2 hours must be connected to Geriatrics.
  • At a minimum, 2-hours must be devoted to nursing Jurisprudence and Ethics at least every third renewal period.
4.Texas APRN Renewal CEU Requirements

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) are subject to additional requirements. Additionally, there are specific ongoing education requirements for nurses practicing in certain fields. Each nurse is responsible for deciding and participating in appropriate continuing competence activities.

Conclusion:  The requirements for Nursing Continuing Education inTexas for licensed nurses in Texas are set by the Texas Board of Nursing (BON). To maintain their license, licensed nurses must complete at least 20 hours of continuous education every two years. The BON offers several options for completing CE, including taking courses, attending conferences, and participating in online learning activities. Nurses can also earn CE credits by writing articles or giving presentations. For more information about Texas Nursing CE requirements you can visit the official website of the  Texas Nursing Board

Texas Board of Nursing
Email: webmaster@bon.texas.gov
Toll-free Complaint Line:

Texas Nursing CE Requirements
P: (512) 305-6816
F: (512) 305-8101

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