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AANP Certification LoginNurse practitioners are eager to join the workforce once they complete their NP education. But to enter the workforce, they must first get the national accreditation of an accredited organization that certifies. While it’s a daunting task, the certification process is formal and recognizes the lessons they have learned during the path to becoming a nurse. Search for an accredited program to take the first step toward the licensure process. This article will explain the AANP Certification Login Process, Exam Fee and other information.

AANP Certification Login Process

To access the AANP Certification Login, A candidate can visit the official login page of the AANP Certification login page given below. AANP Membership site login and AANP Certification login sites are managed separately, and the login credentials of one website will not work on the other site. So if you have not signed up for this site, you have to create an account before trying to log in. The official website’s link for AANP Certification Login is provided below.

About AANP Certification

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is an association of national members representing Nurse Practitioners in the USA. Are you looking to be a clinical professional or in an academic or educational job? AANP certification allows FNPs or AGNPs to practice in any medical environment in any state and be eligible to receive reimbursement from insurance companies such as Medicare and Medicaid.

AANP Testing Content Preference

The ANP examinations for AGNPs and FNPs are entirely focused on clinical knowledge, which includes 35% of the questions reflecting the assessment of patients and 24% of the questions reflecting diagnosis as well, as 23% of questions focusing on the planning process, while 17% the questions which reflect the evaluation.

Additionally, the AANP tests for FNPs and AGNPs contain questions about routinely performed minor procedures in the office environment, Minor lesion removal as well as drainage and incision microscopy, the diagnostic interpretation of ECGs as well as Pap tests. Diagnosis of X-rays injections and joint aspirations skin biopsy, removal of the cerumen test for pulmonary function, and office spirometry.

They also cover injectors for therapeutic purposes, fluorescein dye closure of wounds, Long-term contraceptive management, surgical splinting, long-term hormonal implants casting, removal of foreign bodies, and wound management and nail removal.

AANP Exam Pattern
The exam content for the ANCC test of FNPs is 43 percent clinical management, 26 percent diagnosis assessment, 21% diagnosis, and 10% of the professional role.

Numbers and Information
The number of questions asked and the time allowed for the testing process are given below.

The AANP Exam for FNP
  • The ANP exam for FNP candidates includes 150 questions.
  • One hundred thirty-five are scored.
  • The remaining fifteen questions are “pretest” questions considered in future tests to score.
The AANP exam for AGNP

The AGNP exam includes 150 questions. Candidates’ scores are solely based on the 135 questions evaluated; the remaining 15 questions are pretests to be studied for possible application in the future.

Exam Duration

A candidate must complete 150 questions in 3 hours in the AANP tests for FNPs and AGNPs.

AANP Exam Fee:
  • The testing cost for taking an AANP test for an AANP member is $240. Nonmembers pay $315.
  • A $50 non-refundable fee is charged to process the paper applications. The fees mentioned are subject to change with no notice.
AANP Certification Objectives

AANPCB is the regulatory body responsible for the NP Certification. The Core Values of AANPCB are Quality, accountability and openness, and it strives to provide the practice and knowledge to nurse practitioners required for safe and high-quality health care.

  • AANPCB certified Nurse practitioners have met the specific educational requirements to assess the national competencies of the core APRN role, NP role, and the focus areas of practice. The AANPCB certified NP means they have successfully passed the national certification exam that demonstrates the professional competence of the NP role.
  • Certification is time-bound and valid for five years only. NP Certification expires after five years of certification. Anyone allowing their AANPCB certification to run out is not permitted to apply for the NP-C credential. They cannot claim to be having been recognized by AANPCB.
  • The AANPCB Board of Commissioners has concluded that a five-year period of certification is sufficient for maintaining competence. This is through a review of research and discussions with experts in credentialing. The decision is reviewed regularly along with the future practice analysis.
  • Nurse Practitioners who are certified by the AANPCB must satisfy the current minimum requirements to renew within the 5-year time frame of certification to remain to (a) become certified, (b) retain the exact certification, and (c) utilize the NPC credential
  • The professional has to renew their certificate before their certification’s expiration date.
FAQ- AANP Certification

What’s My Type of Membership?
Your AANP membership can be tailored to exactly what you require at the present stage in your professional career. If you’re just starting your NP training or are retiring from the field and want to support the NP position while enjoying benefits as a member, which, in turn, helps you professionally and personally. Answer a few questions in order to identify the most suitable type of member for you. Check https://www.aanp.org/student-resources/np-certification for more details.

Find Your AANP Membership Category
AANP has six different membership categories, and this article will help you determine which one is best for you.

Membership Benefits
AANP membership provides access to various opportunities for Nurse Practitioners like Free practice materials and support from the association.

AANP Application Process
Candidates must first create an online account to apply for certification. Go to “Begin Certification” on the home page of the AANP Portal to begin the application process. Candidates can also use the Application forms on paper if they are not interested in applying online.

A person’s initial and last name is used for creating an online profile:

  • What is the name that will be applied to the AANPCB application
  • The name must be that the applicant uses for registration to book an exam at PSI Services LLC (PSI) at www.psiexams.com
  • The name will be in the Eligibility to Test notice sent via PSI Services LLC (PSI)
  • Should match the necessary and acceptable forms of identification for entry into a testing center
  • Names will be written on the Certificate and Card.

An email address that an applicant uses to create an online Profile is the email address:

  • Utilized by AANPCB for correspondence regarding certification
  • Applicants use it to sign up to schedule an examination using PSI.
  • Exam Retake
  • There is an AANPCB policy that a candidate be limited to two (2) examination attempts during the one calendar year.
  • You can apply online via the paper or online Application option for a second chance to take the test.
  • Candidates must finish a minimum of fifteen hours of advanced continuing education through an approved CE provider in areas of weakness highlighted on their scores report.
  • CE is required to be finished following the exam date that the candidate was not able to pass.
  • Cancellation & Withdrawal Rules
  • Candidates must adhere to PSI Testing Center Guidelines regarding canceling, rescheduling, and withdrawals. Candidates must contact the PSI Customer Service Rep by dialing (800) 733-9267 during operating hours. Voicemail messages are not an acceptable method of cancellation.

How to Check Your Certification, Re-Certification & Verification Status?

To verify your Certification Status and expiration date, log in to your account and choose My Certifications or My Wallet Cards to get the wallet card. Visit the official page of the AANP to start the AANP Certification process and click on the appropriate option below.

  • Certification
  • Recertification
  •  Verification

For More information about AANP Certification Login, Requirements and Exam Fees visit https://www.aanpcert.org/signin

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