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AANP Recertification Login & Renewal Requirements



AANP represents around half four million licensed Nurse Practitioners all over the USA. The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners Organization Certification introduced AANP Certifications, Recertification and Renewal, intending to provide a legitimate and reliable method for evaluating the qualifications of nursing professionals who want to enter or continue in the nursing profession. Read more about AANP Recertification login, AANP Renewal Requirements and other details here.

AANP Recertification Login Objectives

Established with a mission to deliver excellence in professional nurse practitioner certification, AANPCB is the most reputable agency that adheres to the highest certification guidelines for nurse practitioners in the area of promoting top quality health care.


The objective of renewal of AANP certification is to allow a means to ensure the public they are AANPCB Certified nurse practitioners are up to date with professional requirements for knowledge and abilities necessary to keep the NP certification.

  • Certification is time-bound, granted for a period of 5 years only and has to be renewed every five years.
  • Nurse Practitioners are required to maintain their professional proficiency based on the most current information and information that impact their practice.
  • The skills and knowledge required to perform a professional and effective NP practice are constantly evolving.
  • If there is no process to renew certification, the value of certificates could diminish in time.
  • Recertification requirements are used to assess and reassure the public about NP’s continuing professional competence.


Nurse Practitioners certified as adult nurse practitioners as well as Gerontology Nurse Practitioners can apply to convert their credentials into that of the credential A-GNP.


The online application for recertification and renewal documentation by Emergency Nurse Practitioners will become available. Please check the www.aanpcert.org website for details. ENP certification is not valid without current FNP certification.


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Applicants can submit their renewal applications online, and paper applications are accessible for those who would like this option. Applicants must complete the process of AANP renewal requirements within five years. Please refer to the https://www.aanpcert.org/recert/ce_opps for more details regarding renewal terms.

Two Options  for the Renewal of AANP Rertification.
  1. Recertify through Clinical Practice hours and continuing education (CE). Applicants must have at least 1,000 hours of clinical training as a Nurse Practitioner job in any field through faculty employment, clinical supervision, or volunteering within the five years for certification.
  • Professor Hours: Faculty hours spent working together with NP students and patients during the hours of clinical practicum could count in the form of clinical hours. The maximum is 500 hours of clinical visits can be used towards the 1000 required hours of clinical time to be recertified in the five-year time frame for certification.
  • At least 100 Contact Hours of Advanced CE
  • Clinical CEs in Pharmacology are mandatory up -to 25 credits out of the 100 CEs have to be advanced practice in pharmacology which can be completed within the 5-year certification period.
  •  The practice of precepting can be optional criteria that could be used to substitute any of the non-pharmacology CE credits. Twenty-five non-pharmacological CE credits could cover 125 hours of preceptor time.
  •  Have an up-to date RN or APRN license during the time of certification.

Option 2. Recertify by Examination

  • The GNP A, ENP and FNP National Certification Exam.
  • Keep current license to practice as a nurse for the duration of certification.

To apply for recertification, visit www.aanpcert.org, check the “Recertify Now” button first, and log in to your profile online before proceeding through the application online. Paper applications are available but will be charged $50 for each application.


To Recertify by the Continuing Education (CE) credit hours:

  • AANPCB-certified NPNs must prove that they have completed 100 hours of CE pertinent to the field of certification.
  • CE submitted must comply with the standards to ensure the competency of NPs.
  • A minimum of 25 contact hours from 100 hours of CE must be in advanced practice pharmacology.
  • Every CEs have to be finished during the current 5-year period for certification.

The CE activity needs to be approved by an accredited medical or nursing education source. CE certificates for renewal must contain the following details.

Name of the person who certifies

  • Dates of the CE activity
  • The Name of the program’s sponsor
  • Name of CE accreditor
  • Date of completion
  • Number of “Non-Pharmacology
  • The number of hours in pharmacology awarded.

AANPCB does not approve or endorse continuing education programs or activities.

An extensive list of independent organizations that can offer advanced practice CE material for NPs is available on www.aanpcert.org

The clinical precepting of students in the NP position and focusing on population-based advanced students are valid professional development opportunities and essential contributions to the field.

  • A maximum of 120 hours of clinical preceptors can be used to replace as many as 25 other non-pharmacology CE credits during the five years following certification.

AANP offers valuable benefits to its members like,

  • NP advocacy
  • Access to various free AANP accredited and non-AANP-accredited independent CE programs
  • Reduced rates for various conferences
  • Students and Members of the AANP’s National Health Policy and Fall Conferences. Visit https://www.aanpcert.org/recert/ce_opps for full details.

AANPCB is a member of the AANPCB and is also associated with the American Academy of Emergency Nurse Practitioners,the professional membership organization for NPs. They work in emergency environments and provide emergency medical care to patients of all ages and conditions. Visit https://aaenp-natl.org/ for CE opportunities.

For AANP Recertification Login, Renewal Requirements, Validity of License etc you can visit the https://www.aanpcert.org/recert/ce_opps

Useful Links for AANP Recertification Login & Other Details

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AANP Continuing Education Accreditation Application

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To begin the recertification process, simply visit either the ANCC or AANP certification website.

For Information about AANP Recertification Login and Renewal Requirements please download the AAP Recertification Brochure  

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