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ADN to NP Programs -Online Bridge Programs


Nursing programs are becoming increasingly popular due to the increasing need for nurses. Associate’s degrees in nursing are an excellent option for those looking to become a nurse. ADN to NP programs bridge the gap between an associate’s degree in nursing and a nurse practitioner.  Nursing is not only a care giving profession but also includes the administration of medical and nursing treatments. Nurse Practitioners are professional nurses with advanced training and professional skills.They provide care to patients primarily through patient care skills and knowledge.  A NP degree in nursing gives nurses the necessary skills for administering medical and nursing treatments. Learn more about ADN to NP online bridge programs in this article.

Programs Overview

Nurses who desire to become nurse practitioners (NP) can complete an associate degree in nursing (ADN) or a related field. The associate degree in nursing provides nurses with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in health care settings. To be a nurse practitioner, one must have an ADN and a BSN. 


The associate degree in nursing (ADN) can be a good option for nurses who want to become Nurse Practitioners (NP). A nurse practitioner degree provides the same education and training as a doctor of nursing, but it is less expensive. Associate degrees in nursing offer an option for nurses who want to become certified in specific areas of nursing, such as administration and therapeutics.


Nursing schools typically offer an associate’s degree in nursing program that bridges different levels of education and work experience. Nursing is an ever-growing career. The number of jobs in the nursing field has been growing for decades. Many nurses with ADN degrees are looking for new adventures and career opportunities. One such opportunity is to become a Nurse Practitioner or NP. Many online bridge programs provide online bridge programs for ADNs to become NPs, giving them the skills and experience they need to become nurse practitioners.

Why Join ADN to NP Programs?

ADN to NP online bridge programs allow qualified nurses with an associate’s degree in nursing to become Nursing Practitioners faster and more efficiently than traditional nursing programs. ADN nurses are already trained in various aspects of nursing, and the ADN- NP programs are designed to complete the Nursing practitioner program on a fast track method that will allow ADN to complete the NP Program and get the NP Certification and accreditation to practice as a licensed Nurse Practitioner.

Programs Requirements

To apply, ADN nurses who want to join the NP bridge program require an RN license. Other requirements for admission to the NP Programs depend on the universities/school you wish to join. In general, the NP Programs require a minimum GPA of 3.0

ADN to NP Programs

Given below are the general requirements for NP Programs for other applicants 

  • GPA 3.0 or Higher
  • GRE Test Scores
  • Recommendation Letter
  • Transcripts
  • SOP
Program Duration

Even though the ADN -NP program is a bridging program, it takes around three years to complete. After completing the NP program, all ADN students become eligible to earn a double degree, BSN & APRN, as a Nurse Practitioner.

What is a Nurse Practitioner?

A nurse practitioner (NP) is a qualified nurse with advanced training in departments like pediatrics, psychiatry, child development, family nursing, etc. A Nurse Practitioner is also certified in advanced practice nursing, which means they have experience providing care to patients with more complex medical issues. Nurse practitioners are often called upon to support nurses working in the ambulatory setting or as primary-care providers. The U.S. BLS projects 359,400 employments for Nurse Practitioners by 2031.

Featured NP Programs

University/College Location Tuition Fees
University of Central Florida Orlando Fees
Vanderbilt University’ Nashville, Tennessee Fees
University of Rochester Rochester, NY Fees
Frontier Nursing University Versailles, KY Fees
Yale University New Haven, CT Fees
University of Virginia Charlottesville Fees
Johns Hopkins University Maryland Fees
University of Pennsylvania’ Philadelphia Fees
Frontier University Versailles Fees
Cal State Fullerton  Fullerton, CA Fees
USF Main Campus Tampa Fees


Salary of Nurse Practitioners
The employment opportunities of Nurse practitioners are expected to grow much faster than other nursing professionals. According to U.S BLS, The job openings for NPs are projected to grow by 40% by 2031.

Title Average Salary
Nurse Practitioner-NP $103,492
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner-NP Psychiatric $115,668
ANP $104,720
ARNP $102,162
Family Nurse Practitioner –NP      $101,381


Benefits of NP Programs
  • Nurses have a variety of responsibilities when it comes to caring for patients. One such responsibility is providing healthcare. A nurse’s job can be very demanding, and with an Associate’s degree in Nursing from a reputable university, nurses can become more experienced and prepared to provide quality care. An ADN to NP Program offers nurses the opportunity to learn about the different areas of nursing, the latest trends in healthcare, and better career prospects.
  • Many NP and NM programs offer associate’s degrees in nursing to create a more robust nursing career. ADN to NP Programs offer many benefits, including increasing job opportunities, developing essential communication and critical thinking skills, and increasing their knowledge of medical care.
  • Nursing professionals often search for opportunities to improve their skills and knowledge. A degree in nursing gives nurses the foundation they need to become successful in their field. Graduating from ADN to NP provides nurses with essential knowledge and skills to help them in their professional pursuits. The ADN to NP Program is one of the best programs in the country for nurse practitioners for their career development and better salary packages.
ADN to NP  Programs- FAQ

1.Can an ADN become Nurse Practitioner?
Yes. You can join any ADN- NP Online bridge program and become a Nurse Practitioner after completing the program.

2. How long it takes to complete the NP Program?
The ADN to NP program takes a minimum of 2 years to up to four years. The program duration of accelerated nursing programs is usually lesser than other programs.

3.What is the average salary of Nurse Practitioners?
The salary of Nurse practitioners depends on the city and organizations, but on average, nurse practitioners earn around $103,492 a year.

4. Is there any direct RN to NP Program?
There is no RN to direct NP programs. To move from RN to NP, registered nurses must earn the MSN certification, and this process usually takes a minimum of 2 years.

Fastest way to become a Nurse Practitioner- Video

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