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Best ADN to PMHNP Online Programs


Several nursing programs offer associate degrees, which will help you to pursue a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) career. The benefits of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs are many. They include the ability to work in a more competitive environment, develop new skills, and gain experience in various areas of mental health care. ADN TO PMHNP Online Programs or Associate Degree in Nursing to Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Programs Online can be an excellent way for new nurses to gain experience and certification in a growing field of medical science.

Who Can Pursue ADN to PMHNP Online Program?

PMHNP program is one of the best options for ADN Nurses who love to treat mentally challenged people. This program has various benefits, including reduced tuition fees, accelerated course structure, and the ability to work in many different environments. PMHNP program is best for qualified nurses willing to work in the Psychiatric field.

Benefits of PMHNP Online Program

An Associate degree in nursing to Psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program has many benefits. These programs can provide nurses with the necessary skills and knowledge to help patients with mental health issues. Graduating from ADN to PMHNP can also increase the salary package and higher the chances of finding a job after completing your program.

ADN to PMHNP Online Programs

ADN to PMHNP online programs offer nurses a unique opportunity to learn about the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner (PMSHNP) program.

The benefits of this faster-paced program include the following:

  1. Increased understanding of mental health diagnosis and treatment disorders.
  2. Better job placement chances for nurses after completing the ADN – PMHNP program.
  3. A greater depth of knowledge about mental health nursing and its principles and practice.

Nurses who have completed an associate degree in nursing (ADN) in mental health and social work are well-equipped to provide psychiatric mental health care. In addition, the online program offers a much faster and more competitive pathway to a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) career.

Why Go for ADN to PMHNP?

The decision to join the PMHNP program is an important step for ADN Nurses. There are many great reasons to pursue an advanced degree like the PMHNP. Here are the top reasons to join the ADN to PMHNP programs online.

Increased Job Opportunities:
According to the AANP survey, around 14,000 PMHNPs work in the United States. With the increasing number of mental health problems among all ages and the prevalence of Psychiatric problems after the Coivd -19 pandemic, the need for mental health psychiatric nurse practitioners has grown substantially, which makes ADN to PMHNP programs more attractive and demanding.

Other reasons for ADN nurses joining PMHNP programs are below.

  • Increased Options to Choose from
  • Higher Salary Package
  • Flexible Duty Hours
  • Mental Satisfaction
ADN- PMHNP Program Duration

The online ADN-PMHNP programs typically take about 1 to 5 years to finish. Factors that affect the time it takes to complete the PMHNP program include whether you have opted for the part-time or full-time course, accelerated or online programs.

Below is some universities’ course duration for the ADN to PMHNP program.

  • Herzing University- 24 Months
  • Vanderbilt University – 1 to 2 years
  • Georgia State University- 3 to 4 years
  • East Tennessee State University- 5 Semesters
PMHNP Program Requirements for ADN
The Requirements vary from the nursing institution, but the general requirements are below.
  • Hold an ADN Qualification
  • Have a valid nursing licensee
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Academic Transcripts
  • CV
  • A Letter of Intent

PMHNP Career Prospects
There are several places in the USA where there is no qualified psychiatrist. Like psychiatrists, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners are qualified to do psychiatric treatment like psychotherapy, prescribing medications, planning treatment, and counseling patients and their relatives. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners’ career scope is very bright due to the high demand for qualified PMHNPs.

PMHNPs are becoming more important in medical fields as hospitals and healthcare facilities require them to treat psychiatric patients. In certain states, PMHNPs practice as independent practitioners.

Duties of a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)
The PMHNP is a kind of advanced practice registered Nurse with expertise in the wellness and behavioral health field. Their job is to evaluate the patient and diagnose and treat those who suffer from psychiatric disorders, addiction, etc.

Duties of A Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner include,

  • Provide psychotherapy
  • Monitor the effects of medications and prescribe medication. effects
  • Work with Psychiatrists, Clinical psychologists, Nurses, and other health professionals.
  • Conduct studies to improve the quality of mental health services.
  • Consult and educate nurses as well as other mental health professionals.
  • Take diagnostic tests and interpret them.

As a nurse practitioner in the mental health field, you’ll have the chance to further your education and gain experience in various healthcare setups.

Where Can PMHNPs Work?
PMHNPs may work in various healthcare settings, including private practices, hospitals, and mental health centers. De-Addiction centers, primary care clinics, or even public institutions.

What is the difference between psychiatrists and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners?
The psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner holds a master’s or doctoral degree in nursing. A psychiatrist is a doctor who attended medical school and then completed the residency program, which specializes in the field of psychiatry.

PMNHPs can perform various tasks psychiatrists do, such as counseling, prescribing medicines, developing and managing treatment plans, and educating patients’ families. Psychologists are qualified to manage more complex psychiatric problems. In contrast, PMHNPs generally treat less complicated psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Schizophrenia, and substance addiction.

Salary of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners (PMHNPs)
According to Indeed, the average salary of PMHNPs in 2022 is $139,682 /Year.
Which PMHNP Program is Better? Video


Below are some of the top ADN to PMHNP programs for Nurses interested in becoming Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners.

SL NO University Location  Program Cost 
1 Herzing University Milwaukee Cost
2 University of South Alabama  Alabama Cost
3  Regis College  Western Massachusetts Cost 
4  Stony Brook University  New York Cost
5 Vanderbilt University   Tennessee  Cost
6  Lewis University  Romeoville , Illinois Cost
7 East Tennessee State University Tennessee Cost
8 Union University   Tennessee  Cost
9 Georgia State University Atlanta Cost
10  Wilkes University  Pennsylvania Cost
11 University of Alabama at Birmingham Birmingham Cost
12  University of Rochester  New York Cost
13 Nova Southeastern University Florida Cost
14 University of Mississippi Medical Center  Mississippi Cost

There are many options for ADN nurses interested in earning a PMHNP program online. A psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner program can provide valuable experience and training in the mental health care industry. Interested students can find programs online or through traditional school channels, making it an excellent option for those seeking a career in mental health.

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