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Average Cost of a BSN Program


With the increased salary and perks that a BSN Nurse enjoys, the BSN program has become a worthy investment for BSN program aspirants. If you are interested in working as a Registered Nurse and want to upgrade your skills and earn more perks and salary, then BSN is the best Program for you. BSN Programs are longer than traditional RN Nursing, and the job responsibilities, Career prospects, and Perks associated with BSN Nursing are also much higher and more attractive than RN Nursing, making BSN Program highly demanding. This article will explain more about the Cost of a BSN Program, the Average cost of the BSN Degree, and Career prospects for BSN Nurses.

What is a BSN Program?

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing is a four-year degree program that will provide the nurses with a higher level of knowledge, skills, and patient care technology and research on health promotion, safety, and quality in health care systems. The BSN degree will empower a nurse with high expertise and help stand out on the job market. The BSN degree will enhance job opportunities and higher salaries and perks.

Is Earning A BSN Degree Worth?

There is no doubt that the cost of the BSN degree program is not cheaper, and you’ll need to invest a considerable amount of money in obtaining your BSN Degree. When you compare the salary benefits and career boost after completing a BSN Program, the money you will be investing in getting a BSN is justified. A BSN degree will expand your career prospects and job availability and boost your nursing career if you can afford the BSN cost. The investment in the nursing education makes your future secure, so if you want to progress in your nursing profession BSN is the best route.

How Much does a Nursing Degree Cost?

If you are new to the nursing profession without any previous knowledge, then the 4 Year BSN traditional degree program is the most suitable nursing degree program you can choose. There is no uniformity in the cost of the BSN program and other fees associated with the course. The cost of the BSN depends on many factors and areas. The average cost of a BSN degree across the US ranges from $40,500 to over $200,500. Various options are available with different fee structures across the US for people interested in the BSN Program.


Average Cost of a BSN Program

How does the cost of the BSN Programs Vary?

How much does a BSN cost? A significant factor that influences the cost of the typical 4-year BSN degree in the US is the location of your Nursing institution. The cost of the BSN programs tends to be significantly lower in the home states than out of state. For instance, the average price per hour for tuition in-state to a local community college nursing school ranges from $76 to $83. In contrast, the cost per credit hour for out-of-state tuition is $150 to $215.This difference is applied to the semester basis tuition fees as well.

BSN Degree Cost in Private and Public Institutions 

The BSN tuition cost charged by the Private institutions for the BSN programs is much higher than that of the public institutions. As the government funds the Public institutions, the cost will be lower. However, Nursing students often qualify for different financial supports, making private education much cheaper. If you are issues with the funding of the BSN Program, then Public institutions are probably the best choice for you.

Accelerated BSN Programs are Cheaper than Traditional BSN?

Accelerated BSN Program is designed for those who already have a four-year degree other than in Nursing. If you have already earned an undergraduate degree, you may be able to get your BSN quicker and at a lower cost through an Accelerated BSN program.

In most cases, you’ll be able to be eligible for this program without considering the subjects you have studied in your degree program. There is no compulsion that the degree you have earned should be in the nursing or health-related topics.

Accelerated BSN programs take 11 or 18 months to finish. The cost of the program ranges from $19,000 to over $41,000. Like other programs, the cost of the programs differs depending on whether you are in-state or out-of-state and private versus public and other aspects.

What is the Cost of the ADN-To-BSN Program?

Those who have received an Associate Degree in Nursing (AND) can complete the BSN Program, better known as the ADN to BSN program, through a bridge program called AND –to BSN Bridge Programs. The experience and education of the AND will be considered for the BSN admission, which will help the AND Nurses to complete the BSN program faster. The cost of the AND to BSN programs depends on whether you are joining the public institutions or Private Institutions, enrolled in an in-state institution or an out-of-state institution, etc. The average cost of the AND to BSN Program is $21,000 to $82,000.

Additional Costs of BSN Programs

Tuition fee Apart from the tuition fee, there are additional costs that students must pay while pursuing the BSN Programs. Apart from the BSN Tuition Cost, given below are the extra costs involved in the BSN Programs.

  • TBC Test and Physical Exam Fee
  • Verification fee for criminal history
  • Vaccination costs, if applicable
  • Entrance and Admission tests
  • Cost of Books and Other materials
  • Uniform charges
  • Registration fees
  • Miscellaneous expenses
Financial Aid for BSN Students

As BSN Programs ensure higher perks and career prospects, most nursing schools and universities arrange financial support for students who want to study BSN Programs. As the universities and colleges mainly offer these programs, the best option is to fill out FAFSA the Free Application of Federal Student Aid, FAFSA after deciding on the institution you will join.

Once you know whether you are eligible for loans, grants, scholarships, and other types of aid, many schools permit you to join federal work-study programs to offset the cost of schooling. It’s also worthwhile to enquire about the local nursing scholarships that could help you make the program cost more affordable.

Getting a BSN degree is not a simple task as the program’s cost is not affordable for all. However, the BSN degree ensures a high salary and boosts your career growth; the investment is worth it. The scholarships and financial aid for deserving students make the BSN more affordable for many.

 Average Cost of RN-to-BSN Programs

Online RN-to-BSN programs are an excellent option for those looking for an affordable way to get their BSN degree. The cost of RN to BSN online programs is much less than the cost of traditional on-campus programs. The average tuition fees for online RN-to-BSN programs in some universities are given below.

Average Tuition Fee of Nursing Schools

University of Central Florida
Cost of RN- BSN Online Program-  $5,375.70, including additional cost

University of South Florida
Cost of RN- to-BSN Online Program- $3,152.10. Excluding Lab fees, Online Program fees, and additional charges.

University of Texas Arlington
Cost of RN- BSN Online Program:  $8,995 Lab fees, Online Program fee, and additional charges to be paid.

Appalachian State University
Cost of RN- BSN Online Program:  $6,720. Lab fees, Online Program fees, and additional charges are to be paid additionally.


How to Finance Your RN-to BSN Program?
The cost of the BSN Programs, whether it is RN-to-BSN Campus program, RN to BSN Online Programs, Online bridge programs, or ADN to BSN, the investment is a deciding factor in obtaining your BSN degree. Some nurses get support from their employers with tuition reimbursement. For others, many grants, scholarships, loans, and loans are available to help offset the costs depending on your individual needs. Given below are the aids and scholarships available for BSN Programs.
  • Scholarships
  • Grants
  • Student Loans
  • Federal Student Loans
  • Loan forgiveness program for Nurse
  • Stafford Loans
  • Private student loans
Second Degree BSN Program Cost 
A Second Degree BSN degree program is a Bachelor’s Degree program in nursing for students who already have a bachelor’s degree in a different subject. It is also beneficial for registered nurses who want to change careers and work in a different healthcare setting.

Second Degree Program Cost. The Tuition fees are in the range of
$10,710 (Arizona State University) to $35,919(Wayne State University)

LPN-to-BSN Program Fees 

If you are a licensed practical nurse and want to become a registered nurse, you should consider taking the LPN-to-BSN degree program. You will also be able to save money by not having to attend two separate programs and instead just one. The average annual fees of LPN to BSN programs at private institutions are about $41,000 and at public colleges and universities is approximately $20,000.

Is the BSN program right for you?
According to the studies, the demand for BSN nurses will increase in the coming years. Due to the high demand, there is a rush for non-degree nurses to earn their degree in nursing at the earliest, making the BSN Programs highly demanding.

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