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RN to BSN Online Without Statistics


Are you searching for RN to BSN online programs that do not require statistics? It isn’t easy to find an accredited program like RN to BSN online without statistics. Most of the BSN programs are required to have studied statistics. However, some Universities like UTEP offer RN to BSN Online programs that do not need statistics. This article explains more about RN to RN to BSN online without statistics.

RN to BSN Online Programs Without Statistics Details

Compared to regular RN to BSN Programs with prerequisites, RN to BSN Programs without Statistics are more expensive in most universities. To check whether your local state approves the program, go to the State Authorization page and select the RN-BSN. For more details and the cost of the RN BSN online programs, visit the official website of the UTEP given below.

UTEP Connect Extended University RN to BSN Programs Online

RN to BSN Online Programs without Statistics

  • Entirely online and easy to use to give you the maximum flexibility
  • Specially designed for nurses in the field and provided by the UTEP School of Nursing.
  • Highly competitive
  • No statistics requirement
  • Ranked among the top 20 cost-effective RN for BSN courses by BestValueSchools.com.
  • Awarded accreditation by Collegiate Commission on Nursing Education (CCNE)
  • The course duration is only 12 months.

Requirements to Complete the RN -BSN Programs at UTEP

The minimum requirements to complete the RN BSN to online degree is thirty hours at UTEP and must include the 21-hour RN up to BSN nursing classes and an additional 9 hours of nursing to satisfy the minimum residency requirements to graduate. The 9 hours could be completed by taking general education classes at UTEP. Certain students might require additional courses in general education to meet the university’s graduation requirements.

RN to BSN Nursing Courses

RN to BSN Role Transition
Examine the study of professional nursing with an emphasis on the challenging role of the nurse in contemporary society.

Nurse Informatics & Technology
Learn about nursing informatics and how it contributes to delivering quality, safe and safe patient-centered healthcare. The curriculum focuses on the creation and implementation of evidence-based practice.

Evidence-Based Research
Learn about the process and significance of evidence-based clinical decision-making by investigating and integrating the latest scientific evidence.

Nursing Leadership & Management
Develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become a nursing leader who is an integral part of inter- professional team.

Community Nursing
Learn about nursing care for people and families, communities, groups, and groups.

RN to BSN Online Degree Programs FAQ 

  1. Is the admission requirement for the online BSN Program without Statistics the same as for other RN-to-BSN programs?
    The requirements for admission to the online RN-to-BSN without the requirements of statistics are similar in that they require you to have completed the same coursework as your previous nursing program. There may be some differences in the minimum requirements for pre-BSN programs. Before you enroll, make sure you have completed all courses required.
  2. Do I need to take part in an interview for admission?
    Admissions committees frequently ask applicants to participate in interviews due to the rising demand for online RN-to-BSN programs. This is not something to be concerned about but an opportunity to prove that you are the best candidate for their RN BSN program.
  3. How to find the right school for this BSN program?
    Ask about the school and all nursing programs, not just the online program without statistics. If the school offers a pre-licensure program, what is the pass rate for first-time NCLEX-takers? This is important as it will help determine if the school prepares associate-level nurses well enough to pass the licensure exam. Even though the programs are shorter, they require commitment and severe coursework. You should look for schools with a reputation for offering the education tools and support you need.
  4. Is the program open to new students every other day?
    Enrolling in an RN-to-BSN program is a significant step in your professional career. You need to choose the program that allows you to start classes at the time that suits you best. Some schools only allow Fall and Spring admissions, while others offer a variety of start times.
  5. Is it possible to reach program faculty from anywhere?
    People who are looking to get a higher education can learn online. This allows them to achieve their goals without disrupting their busy lives. As mentioned, there will be times when you want to ask questions or get clarification about something you learned in class. As you learn, online access to your instructors will help you relax and make it easier to navigate the world of independent learning. Most schools also facilitate communication between students, instructors, and students throughout the program.

Disclaimer:  Students should cross-check the programs with the universities directly and check whether NLN and CCNE accredit the RN to BSN online with no Statistics before admission.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed this RN to BSN Online Programs without Statistics article. Visit the official website of the UTP Connect Extended University for more information about the Online Bachelor of Science in nursing program.

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